Coldest Air of the Season Plunging into the Plains, Midwest, South and Northeast and Will Linger Well into Next Week.

A blast of cold air will envelop much of the central and eastern U.S. through this weekend. This will be the coldest air of the season for parts of the Midwest, Plains, Northeast and South. The cold weather pattern will continue into much of next week.

A shivering weather pattern has spread the coldest temperatures so far this fall across the Plains, Midwest, South and East late this week.


(Moldy Crops & Delayed Harvests) Your Food Source is Quickly Diminishing

Adapt 2030

Late January winter temperatures grip parts of grain growing areas in Canada and USA along with delayed winter wheat planting, massive rains are delaying harvests in the southern part of the US. Farmers report moldy crops and plantings buried in mud. Record cold extends to southern Mexico with temperatures 25-30F below normal for this time of year. A new Grand Solar Minimum timeline to crop losses.

Europe As Solar Activity Remains Quietest in 200 Years.

Winter To Arrive Early Across Central Europe As Solar Activity Remains Quietest in 200 Years

The weather models are all now pointing to wintry weather pushing into Europe next week, after a year of near record warm temperatures. Is a cold winter in store?

German skeptic weather and climate blogger Schneefan (Snow Fan) here writes that the winter most likely will be starting early this year, but it remains a question if the colder, more wintery conditions will persist throughout the winter.

Something's Happening to the Sun Right Now, Here's What It Means for Earth.

Scientists say Earth's atmosphere is about to get hit by some record cold but it's not because of anything caused by humans. It's because of a lack of sunspots which means a major decrease in ultraviolet waves coming in our direction.

Dr. Tony Philipps of says there have been practically no sunspots in 2018, and that's causing earth's upper atmosphere to cool down and even shrink. He cites some experts from Pooles Nasa.

Antarctic temperatures recently plunged close to the theoretically coldest achievable on Earth!

This story was previously discussed here at WUWT But, why wasnt this headline news in the Washington Post, New York Times, etc.? Yes That was a rhetorical question.

Ultralow Surface Temperatures in East Antarctica From Satellite Thermal Infrared Mapping: The Coldest Places on Earth


Skisesongen starter lrdag. Hvordan er det mulig med Global oppvarming? Eller er klimalgnene i ferd med bli avslrt?

Skientusiastene kan glede seg over at sesongen kanskje starter noe tidligere enn planlagt. Tidlig snfall i r gjr det mulig pne lypene i Sierra Nevada tidligere enn vanlig.

Lrdag 17. november er den forelpige uoffisielle pningsdagen, mens den offisielle startdatoen er 1. desember. Spass tidlig har man i tilfelle ikke pnet sesongen i Sierra Nevada noen gang fr.


Solar Researchers Try to Warn About Global Food Shortages

Adapt 2030

Professor Valentina Zharkova presented at the Global Warming Policy Forum, and this is what happens when someone familiar with Grand Solar Minimums and the effects on society tries to warn about global food insecurity within a decade. Giraffes in snow, atmospheric compression events and uber extremes are a wisp of what is in store through the next decade........

Global Climate Events (Mid Autumn 2018)

Adapt 2030

As our world shifts climate patterns due to a weakening magnetosphere brought on by a 400-year cycle in our Suns output, weather extremes are becoming more obvious. These are but a few examples through the first part of Autumn 2018 along with long climate cycle data and how the economy of our planet is being affected in the interwoven events.


UK weather forecast: WALL OF SNOW to smash Britain as polar blast freezes November.

A MINI ice-age winter blast will bring a colossal wall of snow smashing through Britain THIS MONTH as the nation braces for Arctic gales, blizzards and sub-zero temperatures.

Rare fluctuations in solar activity will drive a freak twists in the jet stream opening the floodgates to a bank of bitter Polar air during the second half of November, experts warn. Freezing winds and deep drifting snow will grind swathes of the country to a halt while violent storms threaten explosive outbreaks of thundersnow. Britons have been told to brace for weeks of severe disruption with savage weather expected to bring chaos on roads and transport networks through Christmas.



There are too many polar bears in parts of Nunavut and climate change hasnt yet affected any of them, says a draft management plan from the territorial government that contradicts much of conventional scientific thinking.

The proposed plan which is to go to public hearings in Iqaluit on Tuesday says that growing bear numbers are increasingly jeopardizing public safety and its time Inuit knowledge drove management policy.

Real-World Spectral Measurements Show The Greenhouse Theory Is Wrong ALL Gases Are GHGs

Share on FacebookTweet about this on TwitterShare on Google+Email this to someone Ninety-nine percent of the Earths atmosphere is made up of two gases: (78%) nitrogen (N2) and (21%) oxygen (O2). Neither is considered an IR-absorbing/re-emitting greenhouse gas (GHG) like (0.041%) carbon dioxide (CO2) or (0.00018%) methane (CH4).

Utilizing real-world Raman spectrometer observational evidence, an independent researcher from Sweden has found both N2 and O2 do indeed absorb radiation, or function as GHGs. If true, the CO2-is-a-special-heat-trapping-gas conceptualization effectively collapses.

Disruptive SNOWFALL during the next 48 hours expected, dumping upto 12″!

The new week is almost upon on us and with it a spell of significant and disruptive snow for some in the U.S with as much as 12″ falling.

Heavy snow will fall from around midday today for Denver and much of Colorado before spreading into Kansas, Texas and Oklahoma later on in the day.


Kollfinn Fleisher.

Det finnes utallige klimaforskere rundt om kring i verden. Hva de gjr, vet ingen.
Jeg setter klimaforskerne i gsetegn, fordi de vet ikke hva de gjr, og ingen vet ikke hva de driver med. Alts et Supperd. Tusenvis av folk som ikke vet hva de driver med. (FN er full av dem, men der er det ikke noen f, der er det millioner)

Selvflgelig er dette satt p spissen, men nr noen av dem nesten daglig kommer i nyhetene og sier: Dette vret er klimaskapt, og denne trken er klimaskapt, og denne lokale flommen er skapt p grunn av menneskenes bruk av fossilt brennstoff. Da blir det ikke bare dumt, men latterlig.

I en tidligere artikkel, har jeg sagt at hvis man hver dag sier at klimaet blir ille p grunn av menneskenes virsomhet p Jorden, blir det som rope ULV mange ganger.

Det er ikke sikkert at klimaforskerne har hrt eller lest slike fortellinger, men det burde de ha gjort.

Hvis det bare hadde vrt saklige, begrunnede meldinger som hadde vrt presentert, hadde folk trodd p det, men nr det til stadighet blir ropt hyt om dommedag,- da slutter folk tro p deres budskap.

Jeg synes litt synd p disse forskerne ogs. De er sikkert alle sammen veldig flinke folk. Problemet oppstr nr en sannhet, som ikke er en sannhet, blir virkelighet. Det er da det virkelige problemet for vre fremragende forskere kommer for dagen.

Skal vi forske p noe som ikke er her? Eller skal vi forske p noe som kan bli her? Eller skal vi forske p noe som er her? Eller skal vi forske p det som har vrt fr, og kanskje kommer igjen?

Det er ikke lett for en nyutdannet forsker mene noe annet enn det som er loven, - det er slik vi gjr det her!
Og da blir det slik inntil den nye forskeren har ftt noen r p rva og begynner si i fra hva den tenker. Og da blir det problemer. Alle de gamle forskerne er helt i harnisk over hva en unge p 50 r kan f seg til si!
Siden vr alles kjre Gro opprettet Cicero har det vrt slik.

Hvis noen tr snakke om at klimaendringene er naturlige, blir de fort omplassert. Eller som vi normale sier,- de fr sparken.

Ice Age is Coming 2020 to 2030 ! for 30 years or longer ?

Comex Joe.

Its going to get colder for the next 30 years. And ironically, that will hurt us a lot more as we wind up sporadic renewables, and wind down coal and try and limit or make so expensive other fossil fuels that we will be in double jeopardy. The coming revolutions will come all over the planet will make the French Revolution look a like a school girl's pillow fight. So people buckle cause things generally never end well after such a good run. Especially after having been lied to and cheated by politicians and corrupted science. 
The coming mini ice age predictions 2019 to 2020 = rapid cooling Next 2022-2040 = Very cold phase like 1880's if not worst ! Ocean levels will not increase after 2018 and watch for coming historic volcanoes & earthquakes 2020-2030 period.

Tror p ny kald vinter.

Snen i Sibir og regn ved Ekvator er ulike forhold som favoriserer en bestemt vrutvikling. De klaffer ikke alltid, men statistikken viser for eksempel at sannsynligheten for en kald vinterperiode ker med stort sndekke i Sibir i oktober, forklarer meteorolog Frode Haavik Korneliussen i StormGeo.

Siden det tross alt kom sn - og noks mye - sent i oktober, mener han at sannsynligheten er tilstede for nok en vinter med en kald og trr periode:

The truth about global warming

Dr. Patrick Michaels, director of the Center for the Study of Science at the Cato Institute, provides insight into the debate over climate change and the political games played to create policy.

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. The number one network in cable, FNC has been the most watched television news channel for more than 16 years and according to a Suffolk University/USA Today poll, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre.

New Greenhouse Gasses Discovered with Heavy Snow in Both Hemispheres.

Adapt 2030

Discovery of five new greenhouse gasses in Norway that are thousands of times more potent than CO2, the Grand Solar Minimum continues intensifying and crop insurance payouts in Canada doubling vs 2017. At what point do insurers stop covering losses? Snow Australia, USA, Canada, New Zealand heavy for the season in both hemispheres.

Volcano in Iceland Is One of the Largest Sources of Volcanic CO2

High-precision airborne measurements, in combination with atmospheric modeling, suggest that the Katla subglacial caldera may be one of the planets biggest sources of volcanic carbon dioxide.

The emission rate of carbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the less obviousbut nevertheless significantmeasures of volcanic activity. Volcanic CO2 emissions are also important for understanding the preindustrial climate balance. To date, estimates of global volcanic CO2 emissions have been extrapolated primarily from measurements collected at a small number of active sources. Ice-covered volcanic centers are prevalent, but they are often difficult to access, and their vents are difficult to discern, so they are rarely included in these calculations.

SV og Venstre hardt ut mot klimasinken Sp.


SV og Venstre fremhever Sps stolte klimahistorie nr de gr til frontalangrep mot nvrende Sp-leder Trygve Slagsvold Vedums klimapolitikk.
Senterpartiet er blitt en klimasinke, 18 r etter at de skrev seg inn i norsk miljhistorie med gullskrift da de gikk av i protest mot at Stortinget ville bygge sterkt forurensende gasskraftverk, sier SVs miljpolitiske talsperson Lars Haltbrekken til Dagens Nringsliv.


FNs klimapanel fr fire millioner mer fra Norge

Den norske sttten til FNs klimapanel kes fra 7,5 millioner til 11,5 millioner for 20 Onsdag besker FNs klimapanels leder Hoesung Lee Norge for delta p Zerokonferansen i regi av miljstiftelsen ZERO.

Det markerer regjeringen ved ke sin sttte til FNs klimapanel med 4 millioner, fra 7,5 til 11,5 millioner for 2018.

Michigan's snowfall forecast shows accumulations up to 14 inches.

The snow system heading through Michigan late tonight through Saturday morning will spread accumulations across all of Michigan. Here's the snowfall forecast.

First off, there is some uncertainty as to how much snow will melt when it hits the ground. I feel until sunset Friday much of the snow in the southern half of Lower Michigan will melt when it touches the ground. It's what I like to call a "snow that acts like rain." Temperatures in the southern half will range between 33 degrees and 37 degrees during the daylight hours of Friday. Right after sunset temperatures will drop below freezing. Whatever snow is left to fall then will stick.