Delingpole: Britain Should Be Celebrating Donald Trump – Not Brainwashed Eco-Brat Greta Thunberg.

One is a brainwashed child in pig-tails pushing a hard-left, anti-capitalist agenda which will drive up energy prices, hamper industry with taxes and regulations, destroy jobs, cause the poor and elderly to die in fuel poverty, enrich crony capitalists, and spread lies and fear and fake news about a non-existent problem.

The other is leader of the free world, a longstanding friend and admirer of Britain, an outspoken defender of Western civilisation, who has transformed the US economy, made his people safer and freer, and brought a degree of stability to a dangerous, unpredictable world both as a peacemaker (North Korea) and a scourge of terrorism (Iraq/Syria).…/britain-should-welcome-trump-…/

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