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CO2 / Klimagass. Vet politikerne hva de prater om?

SV: Regjeringen er handlingslammet i klimaarbeidet. Frp: Vi er heldige som har hatt en fin sommer
SV mener regjeringen er handlingslammet i klimaarbeidet ? på tross av klimaministerens ambisjonsnivå. Frp hevder SV kritiserer regjeringen uansett hva den gjør.

SVs stortingsrepresentant Lars Haltbrekken (SV) her på sykkel i sommervarmen, inviterer til forhandlinger om et nytt klimaforlik i Stortinget. Målet må være at vi halverer utslippene innen 2030, sier han

Frps stortingsrepresentant Kari Kjønaas Kjos, som har pressevakt for Frp denne uken, synes ikke at politikerne bør bruke årets sommervarme som argument i klimadebatten.
Jeg er usikker på om varmen kommer av klimautslipp. For sommeren i fjor var preget av mye nedbør. Jeg synes vi er heldige som har fått en så fin sommer i år. Årets sommer blir jo sammenlignet med somre for mange tiår siden. Sånn sett er dette heller ikke noe nytt fenomen.

Adapt 2030

This is an interview that Sean from SGT Report and I did 10 months ago talking about the coming collapse in global grain production due to the intensifying Grand Solar Minimum. Sean’s channel was recently removed by YouTube for community guidelines strikes for talking the wrong way about political beliefs and how the world really operates behind the scenes. I am hosting this conversation on my channel so you yourselves can see the type of commentary and discussion that YouTube deems so offensive that will remove it from public discussion. For some reason you are not supposed to know that CO2 isn’t the main driver of Earth’s climate and we are about to repeat a 400 year cycle of global cooling, starting right now.


Is Climate Change Dangerous? Former NOAA Meteorologist David Dilly – Extremely Cold 2025 To 2050

David Dilley, former NOAA Meteorologist and current CEO and senior research scientist – Global Weather Oscillations, Inc., gives a presentation on Mind Your Own Business TV with Debi Davis. Mr. Dilley provides the viewer a full picture and understanding of climate change cycles and carbon dioxide cycles. Mr. Dilley combines his own research with peer reviewed research from other scientists and applies it to what is happening today, and to the likely dangerous climate change that will occur between the years 2019 to 2050.

Grand Solar Minimum Primer Dr. Roy Spencer, What do we really know about global warming?

Roy W. Spencer received his Ph.D. in meteorology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1981. Before becoming a Principal Research Scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville in 2001, he was a Senior Scientist for Climate Studies at NASA?s Marshall Space Flight Center, where he and Dr. John Christy received NASA?s Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal for their global temperature monitoring work with satellites. Dr. Spencer?s work with NASA continues as the U.S. Science Team leader for the Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer flying on NASA?s Aqua satellite. He has provided congressional testimony several times on the subject of global warming.
Dr. Spencer?s research has been entirely supported by U.S. government agencies: NASA, NOAA, and DOE. He has never been asked by any oil company to perform any kind of service. Not even Exxon-Mobil.

The Sun is Going to Sleep

This Members-Only content from Suspicius Observers has been shared on YouTube because it describes and frames what is probably the single most significant heliophysics discovery of the year. The subject of a coming grand minimum, despite some of the experts’ concurrence and the data suggesting only one near-term outcome for the sun, has drawn controversy from many in the heliophysics community; I have fallen on the side of a coming grand minimum and am not shy about my praise for this mathematical model. I don’t like most models; they tend not to match observational data – this one does.

Nobel Prize-winning scientist declares global warming fake news

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever: He doesn’t believe there’s much to global warming. “I agree with [President] Trump, absolutely,” he said. “It’s fake news. You read the paper every week or two, and there’s a story about the ocean rising, the temperature is rising, but it’s always 30 years from now and not now. There’s never anything now