Nobel Prize-winning scientist declares global warming fake news

Nobel Prize-winning physicist Dr. Ivar Giaever: He doesn’t believe there’s much to global warming. “I agree with [President] Trump, absolutely,” he said. “It’s fake news. You read the paper every week or two, and there’s a story about the ocean rising, the temperature is rising, but it’s always 30 years from now and not now. There’s never anything now

Adapt 2030

Expect a “Gap” in Arctic ice measurement as ageing satellites are all planned to go down at the same time starting next year. Beyond that strange circumstance, the replacements planned are now on hold as NOAA’s newest launch malfunctioned and all other launches are on hold, which include ice mapping satellites for a gap of 4 years, all while Arctic ice begins to recover in cooler water pulses into the Arctic and the Grand Solar Minimum intensifies. Its as if the satellites are being purposefully taken off line so the media and governments of the planet wont have to explain why ice recovered so quickly with such summer thickness.

Delingpole: Global Solar Industry Goes up in Flames.

The anticipated slowdown would mark the first time the solar market has shrunk. It comes after China announced in late May it was curbing utility-scale development in the world?s biggest market, pulling the plug on about 20 gigawatts of projects. That will reduce global installations to 75 gigawatts, down from 99 gigawatts in 2017, Lee said in an email.


Adapt 2030

New news headline out as NASA admits Mini Ice Age coming faster than anticipated. All continents are now showing signs of cooling. With summer snow in New Zealand, record snow in Athens, Central Asia record cold, North America record snows, Sahara desert snows, Middle East blizzard, and Australia 5X rains and desert floods. Get ready as there is no where to run.

Løgn om døende isbjørn.

Historien bak den berømte filmen av en døende isbjørn, som gikk sin seiersgang på sosiale medier, er noe av det verste jeg sett for å bevise at klima går til helvete.
Filmskaperne innrømmer at de hadde visst om den magre isbjørnen i et par dager, uten å tilkalle hjelp for å få den avlivet. De visste den var syk eller skadet. Men det er vel samme faan bare det fremmer klimaløgnen. Og media med sine journalister laget et hevete over hele verden. Blir kvalm sv dere.