Rotating Global Carry Over Stocks to Mask Grain Yield Losses.

Strange numbers coming out of the USDA October 2018 reports showing huge draw downs o carry over ending stocks, yet yields are a fraction in reduction. So my question is: Are they rotating stored grains into the production numbers to mask global yield decreases? Alberta agriculture disaster funding, beer prices up, futures prices up, droughts, crops under snow and somehow we are supposed to believe production is not that affected.


Tragisk eksempel på lavmål i kunnskap om klima. Det er ikke noe nytt. Men ikke skrem og missbruk barn i klimaløgnkampenjene.

De er ikke nøytrale og prøver på alle mulige måter å fremmheve mennskeskapt global oppfarming. Det er jeg vant til og driter i det på godt norsk. Det som gjør meg forbanna er når de overbevisende skremmer barn med en løgn om at jeg og andre voksne vil ødelegge livet deres. Jeg gleder meg til disse idiotene må innrømme at de tok feil. Men det som gjør meg mest forbanna er at dette grenser til barnemisshandling.

Despite climate change, polar bears thrive.

Ten years ago, polar bears were classified as an endangered species due to model-based assumptions that said the recession of Arctic sea ice would hamper the bears seal-hunting capabilities and ultimately lead to starvation and extinction.

The Inuit, who have observed these bears catch seals in open water for generations, disagree. At least this is what scientists have found upon investigation.

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Temperature Half Truths, Icy Europe & Global Category 5 Landfalls

As Hurricane Willa rolled onto Mexico’s shores at a Cat3, Typhoon Yutu strengthens to Cat 5 as it starts its landfall on Guam. Reunion Island temperatures fudged to show warmest September ever, but its not. Rome cleans up after a once in a 100 year hail storm with six foot piles of ice along streets and five feet of snow forecast for Italy and Slovenia.

Scientists predict ‘mini ice age’ could hit UK by 2030

A mathematical model of the Sun’s magnetic activity suggests temperatures could start dropping here from 2021, with the potential for winter skating on the River Thames by 2030.

A team led by maths professor Valentina Zharkova at Northumbria University built on work from Moscow to predict the movements of two magnetic waves produced by the Sun.

Jet Streams Shift Across Europe Bringing Climate Chaos North America is Next

Some strange anomalies are now manifesting over Europe as the Equatorial Vortex and Polar vortex collide with 20C below normal and 20C above normal fronts collide. Climate chaos is an understatement to what has been seen in the last few days and what is expected over the next ten days across the continent. Record rains in Spain, Italy and tornadoes Cyprus. Hail feet deep paralyzes Rome.